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Syberia is an adventure game series designed by Belgian comic artist Benoît Sokal and developed by the French studio Microids hailing from Paris. Main character of Syberia is the American lawyer Kate Walker who suddenly finds herself on a journey filled with mysteries and intriguing characters.
Syberia is the first installment of the series and was released 2002. Kate Walker is working for a law firm called "Marson & Lormont" based in New York, which sends her in the first game to Valadilène to sign a deal with Voralberg Manufacturing for their client Universal Toy Company. To Kate's surprise that task suddenly becomes more complicated than expected.
Syberia II
The second instalment of the series and was released 2004. Syberia II is the direct continuation of Kate Walker's adventure from Syberia and starts there where the first part ended. Kate joined Hans Voralberg on his search for the Isle of Syberia.


Youkol Village
Isle of Syberia
Syberia III
The third instalment of the series and was released 2017.


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Syberia: The World Before

Syberia- The World Before l Prologue Trailer from Microids Official YouTube channel

Syberia: The World Before is planned to be released in 2021. Developed by Koalabs and published by Microids. In Syberia: The World Before, the players take on the roles of Dana Roze and Kate Walker and both discover - across continents and through time the hidden mysteries that were buried a long time ago.

The newest instalment was designed by Benoît Sokal, who already created the previous titles. Syberia: The World Before features an intriguing story as well as puzzles and riddles. The soundtrack was composed by Inon Zur (Syberia 3, Fallout, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia).

Learn more about Microids and Syberia- The World Before.
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